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Air duct cleaning

Our Ventilation Cleaning Services

As a company in the heating industry we have tried various methods on vent cleaning over the years. We have found the system we use now is the best, and other companies are following our lead.
We have a heap unit vacuum on our truck that has 2500 cubic meters of suction per minute. What we do is bring in a hose to the hot air main runner (plenum) by cutting a hole in the sheet metal. While this is being done another technician will walk through the house with you. He will block off all the hot air vents and cold air returns. We then bring in a hose that has 250psi of compressed air. We start at the furthest hot air vent from the furnace, blow down that vent (while the vacuum is running) then go on the next vent, and so on. Then we do the cold air returns.
We have found this system is about 97% efficient. This will put less stress on the furnace, and make it run a lot easier; you’ll also notice a big difference in the quality of air in your home.


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